Day 0

Code of Conduct

All attendees have agreed to and are expected to follow the SSSC Code of Conduct at all times. A copy of the Sprint Code fo Conduct can be found here.

Welcome to the LSST Solar System Readiness Sprint

What are the Aims of the Sprint?

What is the format of the Sprint?

What is a 'Sprint'? Tips for Attendees

What is an Unconference Session?

What is YoTribe?

Yotribe is a virtual coffee hour. You can enter the Yotribe room and join different circles for video chats or form your own circle. We'll be using this for our virtual coffee break before the start of the sprint days. Feel free to pop in during breaks or other times in the Sprint when you want to have 1-on-1 conversations with attendees.

What is Padlet?

Introduction to Slack

Do We have a hashtag for the sprint?

Yes! #SSSCSprint


Day 0

Day 1 (June 16)

Day 2 (June 17)

Day 3 (June 23)