Day 1 (June 16)

The first day will be mostly talks with an unconference sessions and project pitches

8:30 am PDT - Morning coffee hour on YoTribe (optional)

9:00 am PDT - Kick-off and Introduction Meg Schwamb (QUB) and Mario Jurić (UW/Rubin Observatory)

9:05 am PDT - Talk by Phil Marshall (Rubin Observatory/SLAC): Rubin Observatory + LSST Overview + Construction Update [slides]

9:35 am PDT - Talk by Lynne Jones (UW/Rubin Observatory): LSST Feature Based Scheduler, LSST Cadence Decisions Overview, and Solar System Metrics [slides]

10:05 am PDT - Talk by Mario Jurić ((UW/Rubin Observatory)/Siegfried Eggl (UW/Rubin Observatory)- Overview of LSST Solar System Processing and Update on LSST Solar System Data Products [slides1] [slides2]

10:35 am PDT - Talk Siegfried Eggl (UW//Rubin Observatory), Sam Cornwall (UW) and Nate Lust (Princeton/Rubin Observatory) - Tutorial for the Simulated LSST Solar System Products database [slides]

11:05 am PDT Break and Optional Yotribe Virtual Break Room

11:30 am PDT - Talk Leanne Guy (Rubin Observatory) - Rubin Observatory Year 1 Template Generation and Year 1 Operations [slides]

12:00 pm PDT - Introductions and Project pitch brainstorming in breakout rooms

12:40 pm PDT - Unconference Sessions

1:00 pm PDT Recap - Mario Jurić (UW/Rubin Observatory)

1:05 pm PDT Adjourn


Day 0

Day 1 (June 16)

Day 2 (June 17)

Day 3 (June 23)