Here you will find updates from the SSSC organizers and active participants.

Working Groups

Here you will find information on LSST SSSC's working groups


A list of current members and rolls, and how to join the SSSC.

Data Products

A list of the L2 and L3 data products and Solar System-specific variables that will (and won't) be automatically produced by the software stack.

Documents & Presentations

Documents and presentations pertaining to SSSC efforts and the LSST itself. Roadmaps, planning documents, slide decks, etc.

Science Cases

Here you will find information on the various science cases that have been invisioned by the LSST-SSSC.


Here you will find information and links relating to the LSST software stack.


Here you will find the SSSC blog with information geared towards the public

Useful Contacts

Person 1

David Trilling

SSSC co-chair

Person 2

Meg Schwamb

SSSC co-chair

Person 3

Wes Fraser

UK SSSC Point of Contact