Introduction to the Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) Solar System Science Collaboration (SSSC)

What is the LSST SSSC?

The SSSC exists to both support scientists in preparing for and using the revoluationary LSST data and to provide recommendations to the LSST project that support solar system science. The SSSC is actively searching for new members whatever your current role in LSST or the planetary science community.

Aim of the SSSC

The current aims of the SSSC are focusing on being prepared to do powerful science before the full survey starts in late 2022. This preparation includes developing software tools, seeking funding, and forming efficient collaborations. We are also actively participating in shaping decisions by LSST that affect our science (such as cadence optimization). As we get closer to the survey, these activities will continue to ramp up and will transition into working on LSST first science papers. The SSSC currently communicates through email lists, slack, telecons, and annual meetings.

SSSC organization

The SSSC is led by two co-chairs and is organized into five Working Groups that serve as avenues for communication and collaboration: Near-Earth and Interstellar Objects, Inner Solar System, Outer Solar System, Active Objects, and Software/Infrastructure. There is an enormous amount of work to do... if you are interested in capitalizing on and/or contributing to LSST Solar System science, we encourage you to consider joining.

If you have any questions about the SSSC and how to get involved please get in touch with Meg Schwamb and David Trilling (LSST SSSC co-chairs).