SSSC Working Groups

SSSC Technosignatures Think Tank

The LSST provides a unique opportunity to place constraints on technosignatures. Technosignatures research in this context encompasses search strategies for signatures of extraterrestrial technology within our Solar System and placing quantitative constraints on the existence of artificial technology orbiting within our Solar System. The SSSC Technosignatures Think Tank within the SSSC is a loose conglomeration of interested SSSC members who want to brainstorm technosignature and LSST Solar System research synergies and become aware of the software tools that are being developed within the collaboration.
Lead: Jim Davenport

SSSC Early Carreer Representative

The SSSC currently has one early career representatives, Carrie Holt and Maria Chernyavskaya. They provide a valued perspective on issues impacting early career SSSC researchers and participate in activities involving the entire SSSC Leadership.

SSSC Publication Coordinators

The SSSC has two publication coordinators, Gal Sarid and Agata Ro┼╝ek, whose roles are to guide manuscripts through the collaboration publication policy process. They also will maintain the SSSC Architects list and the list of proprietary SSSC Community Products. The publication coordinators will also ensure that the SSSC has access to these lists. They will also be responsible for maintaining a public version of the SSSC Architects list.