LSST SSSC Publications and Presentations

Find below a list of important LSST publications and presentations relevant to SSSC science.

SSSC Science Roadmap:

The SSSC has produced a science roadmap detailing the collaboration's science priorities with LSST; this living document is available here

These documents and presentations have been produced by the collaboration.

Minor Planet Center: Status and Plans - Presentation by Matt Holman at DPS 2017 Workshop

SSSC Status - Presentation by Meg Schwamb & David Trilling at DPS 2017 Workshop

LSST Solar System Science Looking ahead to Phase B - Presentation by Alan Fitzsimmons perepared by Alan Fitzsimmons, Wes Fraser, and Dave Young at NAM 2017 - July 2017

Observing Strategy Whitepaper (see also the github repo). This is an important work in progress to understand the effects of varying the LSST observing strategy.

Projected Near-Earth Object Discovery Performance of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Steven R. Chesley and Peter Veres - May 2017

UK LSST Solar System Science Looking ahead to Phase B - Presentation by Wes Fraser prepared by Wes Fraser and Alan Fitzsimmons at RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting on LSST - May 2017

Solar System Science and LSST - Presentation by Lynne Jones at DPS 2016 LSST Town Hall - October 2016

The LSST’s revolution of outer Solar System, small body science - Presentation by Wes Fraser at NAM 2016 - June 2016

Solar System(s) Science with LSST - Presentation by Renu Malhotra to the LSST Science Advisory Committee - April 2014.

Science White Paper for LSST Deep-Drilling Field Observations Opportunities for Solar System Science - A. Becker et al. - March 2011

SSSC Chapter of the LSST science book A view into some of the solar system science possible with LSST. Written in 2009.

These documents are from LSST.

Solar System Processing for LSST: A Status Update - Presentation by Mario Jurić at DPS 2017 Workshop

Upcoming Opsim Simulations, Small Body Metrics, & White Papers - Presentation by Lynne Jones at DPS 2017 Workshop

LSST Solar Ststem Science: MOPS Status, the Science, and Your Questions [Video]- virtual presentation by Mario Jurić to the SSSC - August 2017

What to Expect of the LSST Archive: The LSST Science Platform - Mario Jurić at the LSST PST and Science Collaboration Chairs Telecon - July 2017

LSST Plans for Cadence Optimization - Presetnation by Željko Ivezić, Lynne Jones, & LSST Simulations and Scheduler Teams at the LSST PST and Science Collaboration Chairs Telecon - May 30, 2017

LSST AAS Townhall - Presentation by Beth Willman, Pat Eliason,and Lucianne Walkowicz - January 2017

LSST as an asteroid discovery machine - Presentation by Željko Ivezić at SBAG - Januarury 2017

Data Products Definition Document - the definition of what LSST will provide in data products for all objects. See section 4.3.3 for specific contents of the solar system tables; there is further relevant information throughout the remainder of the DPDD (such as level 3 data processing, production of alerts, etc.).

Solar System Objects Completeness Requirements Draft - an effort to capture the requirements on solar system object completeness, to flow down to cadence and MOPS processing.

LSST Overview Paper a living document providing an overview of LSST specifications and capabilities.

LSST Summary of Data Management Principles - overview of LSST's Data Management Plan.

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