LSST SSSC Publications and Presentations

Find below a list of important LSST publications and presentations relevant to SSSC science.

SSSC Science Roadmap:

The SSSC has produced a science roadmap detailing the collaboration's science priorities with LSST; this living document is available here

These documents and presentations have been produced by the collaboration or collaboration members.

LSST@Europe3 Solar System Talks - June 2018

On the detectability of Planet X with LSST - Trilling, Bellm, & Malhotra (2018)

Minor Planet Center: Status and Plans - Presentation by Matt Holman at DPS 2017 Workshop

SSSC Status - Presentation by Meg Schwamb & David Trilling at DPS 2017 Workshop

LSST Solar System Science Looking ahead to Phase B - Presentation by Alan Fitzsimmons perepared by Alan Fitzsimmons, Wes Fraser, and Dave Young at NAM 2017 - July 2017

Observing Strategy Whitepaper (see also the github repo). This is an important work in progress to understand the effects of varying the LSST observing strategy.

Projected Near-Earth Object Discovery Performance of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Steven R. Chesley and Peter Veres - May 2017

UK LSST Solar System Science Looking ahead to Phase B - Presentation by Wes Fraser prepared by Wes Fraser and Alan Fitzsimmons at RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting on LSST - May 2017

Solar System Science and LSST - Presentation by Lynne Jones at DPS 2016 LSST Town Hall - October 2016

The LSST’s revolution of outer Solar System, small body science - Presentation by Wes Fraser at NAM 2016 - June 2016

Solar System(s) Science with LSST - Presentation by Renu Malhotra to the LSST Science Advisory Committee - April 2014.

Science White Paper for LSST Deep-Drilling Field Observations Opportunities for Solar System Science - A. Becker et al. - March 2011

SSSC Chapter of the LSST science book A view into some of the solar system science possible with LSST. Written in 2009.

These documents are from LSST.

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope as a Near-Earth Object Discovery Machine - Jones et al. (2018)

Solar System Processing for LSST: A Status Update - Presentation by Mario Jurić at DPS 2017 Workshop

Upcoming Opsim Simulations, Small Body Metrics, & White Papers - Presentation by Lynne Jones at DPS 2017 Workshop

LSST Solar Ststem Science: MOPS Status, the Science, and Your Questions [Video]- virtual presentation by Mario Jurić to the SSSC - August 2017

What to Expect of the LSST Archive: The LSST Science Platform - Mario Jurić at the LSST PST and Science Collaboration Chairs Telecon - July 2017

LSST Plans for Cadence Optimization - Presetnation by Željko Ivezić, Lynne Jones, & LSST Simulations and Scheduler Teams at the LSST PST and Science Collaboration Chairs Telecon - May 30, 2017

LSST AAS Townhall - Presentation by Beth Willman, Pat Eliason,and Lucianne Walkowicz - January 2017

LSST as an asteroid discovery machine - Presentation by Željko Ivezić at SBAG - Januarury 2017

Data Products Definition Document - the definition of what LSST will provide in data products for all objects. See section 4.3.3 for specific contents of the solar system tables; there is further relevant information throughout the remainder of the DPDD (such as level 3 data processing, production of alerts, etc.).

Solar System Objects Completeness Requirements Draft - an effort to capture the requirements on solar system object completeness, to flow down to cadence and MOPS processing.

LSST Overview Paper a living document providing an overview of LSST specifications and capabilities.

LSST Summary of Data Management Principles - overview of LSST's Data Management Plan.

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How to Reference and Cite LSST Project Papers in Science Publications.

The LSST project maintains an online repository with the list of papers to be referenced and cited as appropriate when describing the LSST project and utilizing survey simulations and other pre-science operations related data products.