Data Products

Below you will find information of the pixel data products that will be produced by the LSST software stack. As well, you will find information on the level 3 products (measurements), and associated Solar System-specific values that will be automatically calculated by the stack.

Product Levels

The LSST stack will produce data products at three levels, which are broadly defined below.

Level 1 products will consist of basic images, image catalogs, and event alerts.

Level 2 data products will build off level 1 products, including refinements to calibrations and photometry, calibration images, image co-adds and catalogs,.

Level 3 are topic specific products derived from levels 1 and 2.

Exactly what parameters will be automatically provided with the L2 and L3 products is still being discussed. These are likely to moving object linkages and catalogs, photometry and PSFs specific to trailed objects, and detection-associated Solar System specfic parameters such as phase angle, heliocentric distance.

More information on all level products is available at the LSST main page.

Proposed Solar System-Specific Data Products

The following lists are incomplete. Eventually they will be complete, and listed in order of importance based on the cumulative needs of all science cases.

Pixel Based Products

Moving Object Parameters